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About Us

The “Hong Kong Youth Epidemiological Study of Mental Health” (HKYES) is a research project under the Department of Psychiatry of The University of Hong Kong, aiming at examining Hong Kong’s youth mental health conditions and the causes of various mental health disorders, so as to curate effective interventions and healthy practices that promote mental health, and ultimately set out a blueprint for mental health services in the future.


The HKU Department of Psychiatry has long strived to advocate for mental health awareness amongst communities. Through academic research, clinical treatment,services development, and public education etc., we hope to enhance the general public’s mental health and help build mental wealth.  Our youth mental health platform “headwind” was introduced in 2020, providing a wide range of services, including free online psychiatric advisory service, a mobile platform with ecological momentary intervention “心之渡”, and an online tool for mental health self-evaluation “心之流” and “HK Youth Mental Health Consortium” etc

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