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The “Hong Kong Youth Epidemiological Study of Mental Health” (HKYES) is a youth mental health research project, with the aim of understanding different aspects of our teenagers and young adults aged 15-24 in Hong Kong, such as their mental health, living habits, social life, educational endeavours, daily life, as well as their habits of using mental health services etc.


Our society evolves at a rapid rate in this day and age. We really hope that, through completing our survey of the project, our young participants will be empowered to gain a better, more comprehensive understanding of themselves, e.g. mental health, cognitive abilities, social skills; in order to brave all avenues of life.


The survey is completely anonymous and confidential. All collected information will be used for the sole purpose of research.


"HK Youth Epidemiological Study" Trilogy

「YES Online」

HK residents aged 12-24 who would like to join the study online and receive a personalised report

「HK Youth Epidemiological Study」

Selected youth aged 15-24 who received our letter to participate 

「YES for ALL」

Anyone who would like to do the surveys online anonymously and receive a personalised report

Wanna know thyself more?


This project is exclusive for selected youth!

How will the scheme be carried out?


Residential addresses from all 18 districts of Hong Kong will be selected randomly


Invitation letters will be sent to the selected residential addresses

YES recruitment letter_1.tif



Any 15-24 year old that resides in the selected address is eligible for participation


Eligible participants can sign up by scanning the QR code in the invitation letter and filling out the registration form. Our staff will reach out to you in due course.


YES recruitment letter_2.tif
qr code yes website.png
qr code yes website.png


Upon completion of a 2.5- 3-hour interview, participants will receive


  1. a personalized feedback report

  2. HKD500 cash subsidy


Upon completion of a follow-up interview 12 months later, participants will receive HKD300 cash subsidy.

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Want to know if you've been selected? Not sure if you've missed the invitation?

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Click Here

Leave your name, contact number, and residential address, let our ‘sorting hat’ tell you if you’ve been chosen! (We only accept Chinese address now! Sorry!)

Contact Us!

Any questions about the project?

Contact us through email at, or leave us a message below:

Thank you!

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