Frequently Asked Questions

I've been chosen as one of your participants. Does this mean I have mental health problems?

Don’t worry, the project recruits participants through random sampling of residential addresses, all Hong Kong citizens have equal chances of being selected.

How do I verify that the interviewer I'm speaking to is an HKU staff member?

You can ask to check the interviewer’s HKU staff card. For any questions, please feel free to email us at

How will personal data be handled?

The survey is completely anonymous. Furthermore, our interviewers record data using mobile devices, if the participant feels uncomfortable answering certain questions, they can request to type in the answer themselves.

I have school/ work throughout the week, I'm only available for the interview during weekends, what should I do?

No problem at all! Our staff will try their best to take your availability into consideration when scheduling the interview.

Is it a must for the interview to take place at home? Are there other options?

If the participant finds the arrangement unsuitable or inconvenient, they can contact the interviewer about it and change the location to somewhere more suitable (e.g. hospitals, community centers, residential clubhouses, restaurants etc.)

I want to take part in the project, how do I sign up?

Sorry, the program recruits participants through random sampling of residential addresses, we are not accepting individual applications.

What is the purpose of the project?

The research project plays an important role in reviewing the current condition of Hong Kong youth mental health. The previous large-scale survey in Hong Kong regarding mental health took place in 2013, and since then there has not been any follow-up investigations. In light of recent demographic and societal changes, the need for another large-scale investigation is immediate. This will allow mental health professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the current condition of youth mental health, in order to plan for relevant services in the future.

If the staff discovers during the interview that the participant needs the help of mental health services, what would they do?

If there is the need, we will first ask for the participant’s consent. Depending on the situation, we will refer them to relevant services.

I'm usually very busy, and I’m often not at home. What should I do?

You can give us a call to book the date and time for your interview, our staff will try our best to match your request.