Frequently Asked Questions

If I am selected to do this study, does that mean I am mentally ill?

Absolutely not, participants are randomly selected from a list of local Hong Kong residential addresses, and further picked out based on birthdates closest to an interview day. Any individual on this list has an equal chance of being selected for this study.

How do I verify an investigator's identity and know it is not a scam?

Every selected individual will receive an official letter from The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Our investigators will contact you shortly after, to which you can verify his/her working ID issued by HKU. If you are still unsure, you can find our contact details on this website.

How do I make sure my personal data is protected?

All responses are anonymous and the data collected will be encrypted and password-protected. If there are questions that you find inconvenient or embarassing to disclose, you can personally fill out the questionnaire.

I am selected but I have to go to school/work on most days, can I make an appointment instead?

Yes, we can find a day that works best for you. You can contact us to make an appointment.

Does the interview have to happen at my house?

No, if it is inconvenient for our investigators to conduct the interview at your residence, it is okay to arrange another location. Please contact us for special arrangements.

I want to participate in this study, where can I sign up?

Thank you for your enthusiasm! However, voluntary participation is currently unavailable as our participants are all randomly selected. If you want to know more about available services related to mental health, you can look into this infopage on the Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness:

Why do this study?

HKYES is citywide epidemiological study conducted by one of the leading research universities in Hong Kong and holds considerable weight when it comes to planning future mental health policies. Apart from a similar study done in 2013, there has yet to be another study of this scale and breadth. Hong Kong's population growth is rapid, and we are in desperate need to update our current understanding of society. By participating in this study, you are making a direct contribution to a healthcare system that is both effective and affordable.

If I find out that I might need further psychological help during the interview, what should I do?

If such a situation does arise, with your consent, we can recommend you to relevant services available.

I am busy most of the time and never home. What are some other options?

You can contact us via email, text message or phone to arrange a date and a time. You can find our contact details on this website.